About the Artist

Though Katie Jo had done other forms of art, when she found sand painting, she came home. A Tibetan lama at an interfaith festival mesmerized her with this art form and it's message of letting go. She taught herself the technique using tools she made from oil funnels and cake-decorating tips. After several years of only YouTube videos as her guide, she got the opportunity to study briefly with several lamas visiting Rochester, NY. Since then, her craft has blossomed. For Katie Jo, sand painting has become a way to meditate and to teach. Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is also an ordained pastor in the American Baptist Churches, USA. She is a saught-after public speaker and consultant. Workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and consultation can be arranged by e-mailing her directly at katiejosuddaby@gmail.com.

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Photography by Dave Burnet and Jason Ackerman