Funeral Mandalas

During this time of great loss, many people have been unable to gather with friends and family to mourn the loss of a loved one. I’m honored to offer a unique, beautiful way to memorialize the one you’ve lost with a Mandala for Mourning. On the anniversary of their death, or a date meaningful for you, join with family and friends to tell stories and watch as a sand mandala with images from their life takes shape. I’m combining my training in pastoral care with my sand art. I would be honored to make a mandala in remembrance of a loved one, to mark a difficult anniversary, or to give you another chance for the funeral you wish they had had. Please contact me to collaborate on a design that is meaningful to you.

Mandalas for Mourning

Loss and change disrupt our sense of security.

On the anniversary of a loss,
or as a way to cope with unexpected change,
a ritual can reground the unsteady heart
and help us process the many colors of grief.

Rev. Katie Jo creates
meaningful images,
made of sand.
Her mandalas remain long enough for you and your family
to tell stories,
to take deep breaths,
and to let go.
Then, the picture is brushed away
and the sand is returned to nature.

Please consider
commissioning Katie Jo
to make a mandala in your home or place of worship.
Her delicate, healing art is a beautiful way to honor a loss
And cope with life’s disrupting changes.

Inquire about funeral mandalas: